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Below you'll find a listing of the many extracurricular sports which WCHS offers for students to enjoy.  The sports are linked to their section of Athletics 8to18 (WCHS Sports Website). The coach's name, position and email address are also listed.

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SportSeasonCoachCoach's Email
SportSeasonCoachCoach's Email
Baseball, Freshman Spring Eric Joop 
Baseball - Soph Spring Parrott, Brett 
Baseball - Varsity Spring Pacelli, Nick 
Baseball - Varsity(Head Coach) Spring Wisher, Kyle 
Basketball, Boys - Fresh Winter Vanderheydt, Jerry 
Basketball, Boys - Soph Winter Martin, Zach 
Basketball, Boys - Varsity Winter Schermerhorn, Eric 
Basketball, Boys - Varsity(Head Coach) Winter Brown, Kevin 
Basketball, Girls - Fresh Winter Waters,Joe 
Basketball, Girls - Soph Winter Dunker, Nicole 
Basketball Girls - Varsity Winter Little, Jeff 
Basketball, Girls - Varsity(Head Coach) Winter Barth, Kim 
Cheer, Basketball Winter Sollberger, Kelsea 
Cheer, Basketball(Head Coach) Winter Bielema, Wendy 
Cheer, Competitive(Head Coach) Winter Bielema, Wendy 
Cheer, Football Fall Minehan, Mo 
Cross Country, Boys Fall Smith, Tom 
Cross Country, Girls Fall Walcott, Troy 
Football - Fresh Fall Davis, Zach 
Football - Fresh Fall Dahm, Cale 
Football - Soph Fall Beard, Gary 
Football - Soph Fall Davis, Aaron 
Football - Varsity Fall Wisher, Kyle 
Football - Varsity Fall Stevens, Todd 
Football - Varsity Fall O'Neill, Mark 
Football - Varsity(Head Coach) Fall Crouch, Darrell 
Golf, Boys Fall Garske, Dan 
Golf, Girls Fall Reiser, Matt 
Pantherettes Winter Metz, Lauren 
Soccer Boys - JV Fall Waters, Joe 
Soccer, Boys - Varsity Fall Sidwell, Nate 
Soccer, Boys - Varsity(Head Coach) Fall Brooks, Jeff 
Soccer Girls - JV Spring Butler, Taryn 
Soccer Girls - Varsity Spring Waters, Joe 
Soccer, Girls - Varsity(Head Coach) Spring Sidwell, Nate 
Softball - Fresh Spring Cassulo, Denny 
Softball - Soph Spring Reed, Cassie 
Softball - Varsity Spring Reed, Clint  
Softball - Varsity(Head Coach) Spring Lawson, Stephanie 
Swimming & Diving, Boys Winter Smith, Tom 
Swimming & Diving, Girls Fall Langley, Brooke 
Tennis, Boys - F/S Spring Page, Ben 
Tennis, Boys - Varsity Spring Ballard, Dan 
Tennis Girls - F/S Fall Wenzel, April 
Tennis, Girls - Varsity Fall Krostal, Dave 
Track & Field, Boys Spring Stevens, Todd 
Track & Field, Boys Spring O'Neill, Mark 
Track & Field, Boys(Head Coach) Spring Crouch, Darrell 
Track & Field, Girls Spring Little, Jeff 
Track & Field, Girls Spring Beard, Gary 
Track & Field, Girls(Head Coach) Spring Smith, Tom 
Volleyball - Fresh Fall Davis, Dawn 
Volleyball - Soph Fall Watson, Lindsey 
Volleyball - Varsity Fall Knott, Kelsey 
Volleyball - Varsity(Head Coach) Fall Heidbreder, Christa 
Wrestling - Fresh/Soph Winter McClister, Doug 
Wrestling - Varsity Winter Miller, Nick 
Wrestling - Varsity(Head Coach) Winter TBA   
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