PCAC Constitution

WASHINGTON Community High School District 308

Constitution of the

Washington Community High School District 308 Advisory Council


Article I – Name

This Committee shall be called the Washington Community High School Parent/Community Advisory Council.

Article II – Purposes

A. The purposes of the Washington Community High School Parent/Community Advisory Council (PCAC) of the Washington Community High School District 308.

1. To serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Education in developing and revising official policies of District 308.

2. To work with the professional and non-professional staff of the school system in ways mutually satisfactory in developing and executing programs and procedures which implement policies approved by the Board of Education.

3. To promote citizens awareness of the desirability of good schools and assist the community in understanding school problems and needs.

4. To accept on first priority, study assignments from the Board of Education.

B. The PCAC shall not recommend nor support candidates for Board membership, concern itself with the administration of the schools, evaluate school personnel, or encroach upon the professional prerogative of the teaching staff and administration of the schools.

Article III – Membership

A. The PCAC shall consist of ten (10) members. The Board of Education, as a whole, shall select the individuals to serve on the Council.

B. Persons serving on the (PCAC) shall have the following characteristics:

1. A resident of Washington District 308.

2. High general ability and demonstrated experience in dealing with community affairs.

3. Certain personal characteristics essential to the success of the committee:

personal integrity, responsibility, maturity of thought and action, the ability to cooperate, a constructive attitude, open-mindedness, tolerance of varying points of view.

In addition to the above mentioned membership requirements, the members shall be selected to provide the committee with diversity of opinion on school problems.

In this regard, consideration should be given to vocation interests and sociological factors. Lay citizens, school employees, and students may serve as members.

No one is to be recommended for membership or barred from membership because he is an officer or a representative of any organization or institution.

C. Term of Members for PCAC.

1. The members of PCAC will serve three year terms. The term of the new members who annually take office begins July 1.

2. When a vacancy occurs, the newly appointed member will serve during the unexpired term of the member he replaces.

3. A person who has served a full term as a member of the PCAC or served two years or more as a replacement for an unexpired term is ineligible for reappointment until one year has elapsed following expiration of their term.

4. All members chosen to replace members who have completed regular terms will be appointed for three year terms.

5. In the formation of the PCAC members shall draw by lot for the terms of office. In its formation there will be four (4) three year terms, four (4) two year terms and three (3) one year terms.

D. Non-Member Consultants.

Representatives from the Board of Education, Superintendent’s Office and Instructional staff shall sit with the PCAC and serve as consultants as needed.

E. Termination of Membership.

1. If any PCAC member is absent from three consecutive regular PCAC meetings, or if a member is absent over one-half of the meetings in any one committee year, such member shall be deemed to have insufficient interest to continue as advisory member. Such absence shall be certified in writing by the Secretary of the PCAC Executive Committee.

2. The Executive Committee may then recommend to the PCAC that because of special temporary circumstances no action be taken for dismissal of the member or that action be deferred for a specific period. Or the Executive Committee may recommend to the PCAC to drop the individual from PCAC membership.

3. If a member is dropped, the replacement shall be named in accordance with the procedure set forth in Article III, Section A.

Article IV – Officers

A. Election

Officers of the PCAC shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and a Secretary. Nominations shall be made at the April meeting by means of a slate of nominees presented by the Nominating Committee composed of members whose term expires, and there may also be nominations from the floor. The Nominating Committee shall supervise the election at the May meeting. Officers shall be elected by the members of the PCAC for a one-year term, beginning July 1. Together these officers and the Superintendent shall constitute the Executive Committee.

B. Duties of Officers

1. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the PCAC and of the Executive Committee, and serve as ex-officio member of all standing and special committees. The Chairman may call special meetings of the PCAC and must do so at the request of the Executive Committee or the written request of five PCAC members. The Superintendent shall assist the Chairman in developing the meeting agenda and facilitating the monthly meetings.

2. The Vice-Chairman shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chairman.

3. The Secretary shall record minutes of all PCAC and Executive PCAC Committee meetings, and mail copies of minutes of all PCAC meetings to all PCAC members, members of the Board, and the Superintendent. The Secretary shall notify PCAC members, members of the Board, and Superintendent of PCAC meetings at least five days in advance of such meetings. He shall notify the Chairman of excessive absences as de-fined in Article III, Section E. He shall maintain a listing of money received and disbursed, advising the PCAC of financial obligations incurred.

Article V – Committees

A. Executive Committee

The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary and the Superintendent shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the Chairman or any two Executive Committee members. They shall assist the Chairman in appointments when so requested, suggest programs of work and study to PCAC, plan the agenda of PCAC meetings, and implement PCAC work between meetings. Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings shall be submitted for approval by PCAC membership at the regular PCAC meeting next following, and shall be included in the minutes of the PCAC meeting.

B. Nominating Committee

This committee consisting of members whose term expires shall present a slate of officer nominees at the April meeting of PCAC. The nominating committee shall supervise the election of officers provided for in Article IV.

C. Special Committees

Committees for special purposes will, by formal motion, at any PCAC meeting authorized as needed and appointed as directed. These committees may include members and non-members.

D. Committee Procedure

When a problem has been selected and assigned to a PCAC special committee for study, the special committee shall ask the PCAC for guidance in developing its work, and shall secure PCAC approval for formal contracts with groups inside or outside the District #308 school system. While actual work is the responsibility of the special committee, the overall direction a study takes, belongs to all PCAC members. When the the study of a committee appears complete and recommendations to the Board appear indicated, the committee chairman shall send copies of the report detailing the study and recommendations to all PCAC members at least five days before the PCAC meeting at which it is to be presented for approval. After PCAC approval, the PCAC Chairman shall arrange with the President of the Board for allocation of time on the agenda of a suitable Board Meeting, at which time the PCAC will present its report.

The PCAC Executive Committee and other interested PCAC members should be present and may participate in the discussion. A copy of the committee report shall be given the PCAC Secretary for the permanent PCAC file.

Article VI – Board and PCAC Communications

A. The agenda of every PCAC meeting shall provide for reports, suggestions, and requests from the Board. The PCAC shall request a reciprocal agenda arrangement at Board meetings. A representative reporting from one body to the other shall state whether he speaks on any matter as an individual, a committee representative, or as a spokesman for the Board or PCAC.

B. Recommendations to the Board shall be first approved by action at a PCAC meeting and presented in written form.

C. Requests for special conferences between the Board and PCAC shall be approved by action at a PCAC meeting and presented to the Board in written form. This letter shall outline the problem area for discussion, and request in appointment.

D. Joint meetings of the Board and PCAC or its committees may be requested by either body, and such meetings shall be held at a time satisfactory to both. The agenda of such meetings shall be proposed by the initiating body.

Article VII – Meetings

A. The PCAC shall meet the first Thursday of every month during the school year (Sept.-May). The date of any regular meeting may be changed or a meeting omitted, upon a majority vote of those present at a PCAC meeting. Special meetings shall be at the call of the PCAC Chairman. See Article IV, Section B, Paragraph 1.

B. A quorum shall comprise a majority of the members of the PCAC. When a quorum exists, a majority of those present may act.

C. All meetings shall be conducted according to general parliamentary procedure as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order.

D. Meetings shall be open to observers. Persons desiring to be placed on the agenda should notify the PCAC Chairman in advance of the meeting day.

Article VIII – Publicity

A. Publicity regarding the work of the PCAC or its affiliated committees will be released only after approval by the PCAC Executive Committee and the Board of Education or its authorized agent.

B. Recommendations of the PCAC to the Board may be released by the Board for public discussion either before or after action is taken on them by the Board.

C. The Board may designate the PCAC or its affiliated committees to assist in publicizing and promoting the district policies and proposals approved by both the Board and the PCAC.

Article IX – Amendments

A. Amendments to this constitution may be proposed at any regular PCAC meeting.

A written notice of the proposed change and the date of the next meeting at which the proposed amendment will be discussed shall be sent to each PCAC member, the Board members, and the Superintendent at least two weeks prior to date of meeting. A favorable vote by a majority of the total membership shall shall be required to submit the recommendations to the Board at their next regular meeting. Board action on the request shall be conveyed to the PCAC in writing by the Secretary of the Board immediately following meeting in which action is taken.

Article X – Expenditures and Facilities

A. The Executive Committee is authorized to expend up to $100.00 per year. Any additional expenditures requires Board approval.

B. The PCAC shall be given access, through appropriate administrative channels to pertinent facts and information available in the Superintendent’s office, or other offices in the school system, to assist it in study and evaluation of problems of the PCAC concern. However, personal data concerning staff or students will not be supplied by the Superintendent.

C. Such clerical and duplicating services as may be needed by the PCAC shall be requested, within reasonable limits, of the Superintendent’s office.

D. Meeting rooms in school buildings for the PCAC and special committees shall be provided when requested from the Superintendent

E. The Superintendent is authorized to mail notices of meetings and other communications necessary for the conduct of the PCAC business and activity.