Peer Tutoring

Our goal is to reach as many students as possible to provide help with assignments, review for tests or to answer questions about assignments. The lab is staffed with student/peer tutors and at least one certified teacher. Times are available before school and during school.

New this year
Check with your Study Hall teacher for tutor availability then come back to the tutoring area behind the partitions. If you don't have a study hall, you can still come to the study lab from class with your teacher's permission. 

APEX credit recovery program
work independently online to recover lost credits so that they may graduate on time. This program is only available by recommendation from student's counselor.

Peer Tutoring Coordinator                 

Becky Drum
Phone 309.444.3167 Ext 1225

Important Information                          

Location: 210 Study Hall Room

Before school on Monday at 8:15 and
Tuesday - Friday at 7:15

1st – 7th hours (8 a.m. - 3 p.m.) Monday – Friday