Below is a listing of the many extracurricular clubs and activities WCHS offers for students to enjoy.  If the club has a website, it is linked, and the sponsor's name and email address are also listed.


Advocate (Journalism Class)

Advocates for Awareness

Bass Fishing Club

Book Club

CHAPS (Cows, Horses, Agriculture, Poultry, and So on)

Chess Club


Exec Board - Freshman

Exec Board - Sophomore

Exec Board - Junior

Exec Board - Senior

Fellowship of Christian Students

French Club

Game Club

Gay Straight Alliance

Global Affairs

International Club



Pep Club

Scholastic Bowl (Varsity)

Scholastic Bowl (JV)

Science Club


Spanish Club

Student Council



Reiser, Jennifer

Wood, Jillian

Banzhoff, Jayme
Kuchan, Margaret

Dahm, Cale

Gross, Tom

Boitnott, Lindsey

Madsen, David

Reem, Lara

Stout, Lisa

Kilgus, Paige

Ortiz, Katie

Allen, Joanna
Heidbreder, Christa

Fish, Lisa
Page, Benjamin
Stage, Brittany

Keyes, Janelle

Steffen, Colleen

Facker, Kassidy

England, Lisa
Wenzel, April

Sidwell, Nate

Gross, Tom

Beckman, Stacey

Greiner, Chris

Kinsinger, Laurie

Ortiz, Katie
DeSutter, Brian

Tallman, Jim

Parrott, Lisa

Broadt, Sally

Greiner, Chris

Aberle, Victoria

Smith, Tom

Sollberger, Kelsea

Burroughs, Kurt

Whisker, Curt

Kugler, Marcus

Reem, Dan

Schulz, Samantha

Lemm, Amanda

Crull, Trish

Stout, Lisa
Johnson Noe, Teresa
Hatchel, Shelby

Warfield, Melissa

Cassulo, Beth
Stafford, Kim

Dayhoff, Dawn

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