District 308

Welcome to Washington Community High School

Washington Community High School is the home of Panther Pride, where high academic expectations and striving for success have long been a tradition. The tradition has been founded on basic fundamental beliefs and to keep the it alive, we must all work together to protect our most precious resource -- our children. 

Students are our first priority. | 
All students can learn. | Education is a shared responsibility between home and school. | High expectations produce higher results. | Safe environments promote learning. | Progress demands changes. | Educational opportunities that develop life skills for this new world is a must. | Learning never ends.


We believe that quality education:

* Addresses individual differences and mutual respect.

* Teaches students to think clearly, logically and independently.

* Teaches citizenship and personal responsibility.

* Encourages the development and maintenance of both physical and mental health.

* Is dependent upon a shared responsibility of the family and the school.

* Creates a school/community partnership.

* Recognizes the needs of our environment and the demands of a global society.

* Integrates technological innovations into the learning process.

* Begins with individual responsibility for learning.

Promotes higher expectations to yield higher results.


The mission of Washington Community High School, in partnership with the surrounding community, is to empower all students to create their futures as life-long learners in an ever-changing society by providing, thorough prudent management of resources, a progressive curriculum within a comprehensive program, built upon a foundation of basic skills, that offers diverse opportunities for individuals to recognize and achieve their full potentials to become confident, productive and responsible citizens who possess competency in ...

* Creative and critical thinking skills

* Decision-making skills

* Communication and interpersonal skills

* Technology skills


Washington Community High School commits itself to long-term strategy planning for the advancement of the community learning environment. It is the technology vision to increase students’ practical application skills, creativity, and work ethics by enabling all students to become life-long learners and exposing them to various types of technology that will prepare them for their academic and/or career pursuits. It is further envisioned that the school, community groups, businesses, and agencies will develop necessary partnerships to make available technologies that will result in the school becoming the community learning site.