The mission of the Washington Community High School counseling program is to provide a comprehensive curriculum that promotes student achievement and growth in the academic, career, and personal/social domains while encouraging all students to become life-long learners. In collaboration with the Washington staff, parents, and community, the school counselors will help every student become self-aware productive citizens of the local community and the world beyond.                                  

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Mrs. Kim McFarlen
Department Chair | Wellness Intervention
(309) 444-5575
Meet with Mrs. McFarlen

Ms. Stacy Beckman
School Social Worker
(309) 444-5629
Meet with Ms. Beckman 

Ms. Addison Baele
School Counselor | Wellness Intervention
(309) 444-5564
Meet with Ms. Baele

Ms. Carissa Yeager
School Counselor
(309) 444-5574
Meet with Ms. Yeager

Mrs. Laurie Ryan
Registrar and Counseling Secretary
Student Records
(309) 444-5571

Mrs. M. Michael Damery
School Counselor
(309) 444-5572 
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Ms. Carrie Schmidt
School Counselor
(309) 444-5579
Meet with Ms. Schmidt

Mrs. Deanna Zehr
School Counselor | Special Programs
(309) 444-5573
Meet with Mrs. Zehr